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2 Recursos complementarios e interesantes para leer ifcs mencionados en Bimrras.

<a href=”https://www.bimrras.com/episodio/078-programacion-web-de-herramientas-bim/”>https://www.bimrras.com/episodio/078-programacion-web-de-herramientas-bim/</a>

Un gran aporte a la comunidad open source made in Spain.

IFC Syntax is a Visual Studio Code extension that adds language support for Industry Foundation Classes (also known as IFC) files, using the .ifc extension, and for EXPRESS languate, using the .exp extension.


Currently it supports:

  • Basic syntax highlighting for:
    • IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files.
    • EXPRESS language files (commonly used to define the different IFC versions).
  • Basic folding capabilities
    • IFC: Only HEADER and DATA sections can be folded.
    • EXPRESS:
      • Main section folding.
  • More features will be added in the near future.



The concept of app is simple: it parses IFC files and converts them to 3d geometry that can be displayed in browsers

This library converts any browser into an IFC viewer. It parses IFC entities to WebGL geometry through THREE.js.


Gracias a agviegas y alanrynne por su trabajo opensource !!


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